Commercial and Residential Roofing Services
Buit-Up Asphalt

Is a waterproof membrane consisting of alternate layers of roofing felt and hot asphalt. Today most roofing felt is fiberglass matting with an asphalt saturant. The typical system consists of a base sheet and two or three layers of ply sheet. After this system is installed, it is covered with a flood coat of hot asphalt over which clean gravel or a mineral-surfaced fiberglass cap sheet is installed. Either surfacing provides for protection from ultraviolet damage and gives the roof its required fire rating.

Average life expectancy: 15 to 25 years, depending on the number of layers of ply sheet installed

Roofing | Modified Bitumen

Waterproof membrane consisting of a base sheet of fiberglass matte and one to two layers of modified-bitumen-saturated polyester matting. The membrane can be installed by one of two methods: a mopping of self-adhering hot asphalt or heating and melting with a propane torch. The membrane is subject to ultraviolet damage. Coating it with aluminum roof paint or installing a top ply consisting of a modified-bitumen sheet with granular surfacing will afford the necessary protection.

APP (A tactic polypropylene) torch applied
SBS (styrene butadiene) mop, torch, self-adhered (SA)

Roofing | Composition Shingle

Composition shingle is a widely used system designed for roofs having a slope of 3" or greater, measured by the roof slope rise over every 12" of horizontal travel. The typical installation has an underlayment of #30 roof felt. This layer is covered by composition shingle, which contains with asphalt saturants and a layer of granules imbedded in the matting. Laminated shingle--consisting of two layers of fiberglass-reinforced mattings that are laminated into a single units--is most commonly used. Other types of shingle are available, and they come in a variety of styles and colors.

Laminated, consisting of 2 or more layers
Life expectancy: 30 to 50 years

Ridged Roofing

Ridge roofing is a system consisting of shingle or tile materials made of slate, terra-cotta, concrete, metal or a combination of materials to create an individual roof. It is installed much like a composition shingle roof--on a sloped surface.

Used to create an individual shingle
R ratings are minimal

Roofing | Single-ply thermoplastic membranes

These systems are mechanically attached or adhered to the roof deck. Available in 50, 60 or 80 mil thickness. All seams and penetrations are jointed using hot air welding to form a homogeneous system. Most roofs are installed using the white surface color, but other colors are available.

Qualifies as a cool roof
Life expectancy: 20 to 25 years, with a lifetime manufacturers warranty
No open flame or smell during installation
TPO (Thermo Plastic Olefin)
PUC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Roofing | Custom Sheet Metal

Caruzo’s Roofing can design, fabricate and install many different types of sheet metal products consisting of drain leaders, hoppers, gutters, decks, cornice bays, skylights and roofs in aluminum, galvanized and copper metal.