Commercial and Residential Roofing Services

The owner Marco Caruzo has been licensed since 2004 and is personally involved in every project in progress. In today’s business climate there are not too many owners that don't even go out to any of their projects.

We find the local competitors prices to be higher than ours for the same job. These companies invest high amounts of money into marketing and sales training. All of the social media mediums are a great way to pre-qualify a company, but there is a high cost associated with it and the customer really ends up paying for it.

Caruzos Roofing provides $1,000,000.00 of liability insurance per occurrence. Liability insurance protects you against certain physical damages, third party damages, and contractor negligence. Our employees are covered by Workers Compensation Insurance so that you will not be exposed to any liability should any of our employees be injured while on your job. For your protection, we are licensed with the California Contractors State License Board, Lic. #834470 (C-39).

• We are members of the Western States Roofing Contractors Assoc. (WSRCA)
• Our company has been independently rated very high in customer service through Independent third party customer service companies.
• We are highly recommended by our customers, upon request we can provide past and current references.

With a permanent place of business, 25 yrs of roofing experience and licensed for over 13yrs in the roofing trade, we take pride in our quality workmanship and the specialty services offered to our clients. All of this supports our main goal to provide you with an honest, comprehensive, and qualified service.


General Specifications
  1. At the end of each day, the working area will be made watertight to protect the building from normal weather conditions.
  2. The work area will be cleaned of all roofing debris during and broom cleaned after job completion.
  3. The work area will be magnetically swept to pick-up any left over nails after job completion.
  4. All gutters pertaining to the work area will be cleaned of all debris after job completion.
  5. All work performed by Caruzos Roofing will be in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines set by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and the local building codes.